The Real Cost of a Bespoke Wardrobe

- 2013-01-03T16:26:48Z

Photograph by Paul Bradbury/Getty Images

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Why not create a very unique aroma that only you exude? At Scenterprises in Manhattan, you answer a number of questions before a concoction is tailored to your olfactory system. At issue: Whether you like the feel of wool, silk or cashmere (which says something about the scents you may like) and the smells of flowers, woods or spice. The final test may be the reaction of others. "Many people overlook the fact that our sense of smell is the most powerful sense after sight," says Sue Phillips, the owner of Scenterprises. "If it smells bad, though, people will remember."

$185: Minimum price for initial consultation and 1-ounce customized cologne -- Scenterprises

Final Tally: $22,480