The Real Cost of Completing a Triathlon

By Bloomberg Rankings and Nikhil Hutheesing - 2012-11-10T23:16:07Z

Photograph by Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

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Swimming Extras

The way geeks love their gadgets, sportsmen love their accessories. Just don't get carried away. You could buy kickboards and pull buoys, for instance, but probably don't need both. Skip anti-fog spray for your goggles, at least at first. Goggles already have a layer of protection. Some swimmers want earplugs, though there could be drawbacks. "One guy I knew in Oyster Bay almost swam into a pole because he couldn't hear people warning him about it," says Houston.

$20: Speedo Air Seal Tri Goggles (an extra pair) --
$11: Aqua Sphere Aqua Dry Towel --

Running Tally: $4,186