The Real Cost of Hiring a Coach

By Nikhil Hutheesing - 2012-09-26T23:15:46Z

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Small Business Startup Coach

<p>A scale that broadcasted and tweeted your weight flopped before it was launched. A scanner that let you scan bar codes in print publications was annoying because it had to be connected to a computer while you scanned. The issue, says Lorna McLeod, a start-up coach, is that entrepreneurs often get caught up in a technology, then overlook its practicality and how the product will generate revenue. McLeod sits down with entrepreneurs and helps brainstorms their ideas to fill in the gaps and then develop a definitive plan. An alternative: free counseling and inexpensive seminars offered by <a href="" target="_blank">Score</a>, a nonprofit association for entrepreneurs, with chapters across the U.S.<br /><br />$400 - $600: Monthly fee, includes up to four sessions --</p>