Real Cost of Gourmet Cooking Classes

By Bloomberg Rankings - 2012-09-10T17:51:43Z

Photograph by Owen Franken/Corbis

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Italy's Piemonte Region

During a trip through the Piemonte region of Italy, you'll see artisanal cheese making, visit wineries and learn how to make pastries. You'll also eat gianduia, a sweet chocolate containing hazelnut paste. In addition, you'll take a half-day cooking class. Some trip highlights: hunting the prized white truffles from the Langhe area with the dogs and visiting the National White Alba Truffle Fair. Expect to learn about the top winemakers in the region, and perhaps share a meal with some of them.

$3,415: Six days in the Piemonte region, including Torino and the Langhe. Price is per person based on double occupancy. -- Eataly's Eatineari del Gusto!