The Real Cost of Fantasy Camp

By Bloomberg Rankings - 2012-04-28T02:43:28Z

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Rock Star for a Week

While jamming with Nils Lofgren, lead guitarist for Bruce Springsteen, Jeff Gerson of Morgan Stanley cut his hand and blood started gushing -- but no matter. "I was singing 'Sympathy for the Devil' and felt like a rock star," he says. That's what Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp founder David Fishoff, who took the Monkees on tour, intended. "People always asked what it's like to be a rock star," says Fishoff. "Now they can know." You'll jam with stars and write songs and perform before a screaming audience. And who knows? Maybe you'll even attract some groupies.

Packages Include:
$7,999: Train with a star, perform at Playboy Mansion, jam sessions -- five days
$2,000: Ten-hour recording session with Eddie Kramer (producer, Led Zeppelin)