The Real Cost of a Home Office

By Yvette Romero - 2012-02-09T15:31:59Z

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Being Connected

An Internet connection is a must. A dedicated office phone line, perhaps not. Stephen Weiss, a partner with New York City-based tax accounting firm Green & Weiss, says having a work line can legitimize your home office in the eyes of the IRS. Hall and Kanarek say forget the expense -- a cell phone is adequate.

$960: Internet connection, one year -- Verizon
$100: iPhone 4 (8 GB) -- AT&T Wireless
$1,476: If your business doesn't have a credit history, avoid putting down a deposit and consider a consumer account. Unlimited calling, texting, Internet access, $120/month for one year plus $36 activation fee. Taxes not included -- AT&T Wireless

Running Tally: $8,278