The Real Cost of Selling Your Home

By Carla Fried - 2013-06-12T20:51:17Z

Photograph by Donald Gruener

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Relaxing the Buyer

Spending less than $1,000 to allay buyer concerns can lead to more and higher bids. An estimated $1.7 billion was shelled out last year for home warranties that cover mechanical breakdowns, such as a dishwasher going on the fritz. In buyers’ markets, sellers are encouraged by their agents to pay the $300 to $500; in today’s market, it's less common, but it can be a smart way to boost the allure of a home. Nolo’s Bray recommends spending $350 to $500 for a pre-sale home inspection. “It’s better to know what’s up earlier, address what you want to address and then price accordingly,” she says. “That can lead to a faster transaction, and that saves money.”