The Real Cost of Luxury Train Travel

By Bloomberg Rankings and Nikhil Hutheesing - 2013-02-08T22:07:43Z

Photograph by Russ Heinl/Corbis

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Royal Canadian Pacific

After paying a royal price to get on this luxury train, if you'd like to get off for a little while you can pay $203 to hop on a helicopter and fly over the Rocky Mountains. There are only two such helicopter trips offered a year, and if it's windy or there's a blizzard, the ride could be canceled. The trip, which runs from Calgary to Vancouver, takes you through areas such as Lake Louise and Hells Gate gorge and is seven nights long, five of them spent onboard. If you were hoping to be lulled to sleep by the rattle of the train, it won't happen. The train stops at night to give you a peaceful rest.

$6,182: Per person, without regard to single or double occupancy --