The Real Cost of a Designer-Decorated Holiday

By Bloomberg Rankings and Nikhil Hutheesing - 2012-12-13T14:54:24Z

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The Menorah

There's Christmas-related food, fashion, marketing and music -- a songbook of carols as thick as some songbooks, and then there's Hannukah -- a menorah, a shorter menu, and some dreidels (don't forget its accompanying song). Understandably, some Jews want to make the most of it. Party Work's Erik Elkaim says he has plenty of clients in the Los Angeles area who want to go big with the menorah, especially "when you see Santa Claus, Santa's sleigh, reindeer, the Grinch and snowmen everywhere." So he installs giant brushed aluminum menorahs, about 8-feet in diameter with screw-in light bulbs that flicker outside people's homes.

$1,050: Includes renting the menorah ($800), dropoff and installation ($250) -- Party Work's Interactive