The Real Cost of Sleepaway Camp

By Bloomberg Rankings - 2012-06-15T18:11:12Z

Photograph by Peter von Felbert/Getty Images

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The Basics

These days, camps offer stunning facilities but your camper still needs gear for camping -- items which they will either complain were in too short supply or that they will discover for the first time after they get home. At Camp Laurel, for instance, there's regulation Little League softball, lacrosse and hockey fields, a lighted roller hockey arena, 16 tennis courts, two climbing towers and falconry classes (okay, that last one's a joke). Even so, your camper will need the basics.

$30: Coleman TrueTemp 20 sleeping bag -- Target
$44: Anywhere Chair -- a lightweight folding chair --
$20: WaterGeeks Pure Blue Filtered Bottle -- Target
$10: 2 bottles Cutter Naturals Insect Repellent --
$30: Sunology Natural Sunblock Creme for Kids (SPF 50) -- Target
$24: 2 Coleman flashlights with batteries -- Sears

Running tally: $14,490