The Real Cost of a Bespoke Wardrobe

- 2013-01-03T16:26:48Z

Photograph by Paul Edmondson/Getty Images

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"For some reason, many celebrities have huge heads," observes Orlando Palacios, the haberdasher at New York's Worth & Worth. For such men, finding a hat is no easy matter. Getting one made isn't easy either. The size of the hat's brim and crown depends on such features as the size of the head, the squareness of the jawbone and the height of the cheekbones, he says. Even the size of the lapel on an overcoat is considered. In the end, it all has to be proportional. "You can't put a three-inch brim on a hat for a man that is six feet tall but weighs just 120 pounds," says Palacios. "It would look as if he has wings."

$325: Popular handmade felt fedora hat -- Worth & Worth Hat Shop

Running Tally: $21,855