The Real Cost of a Saltwater Aquarium

By Bloomberg Rankings - 2012-08-22T16:10:13Z

Photograph by Ales Veluscek

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Creating Saltwater

Mahatma Gandhi once said, "Next to air and water, salt is perhaps the greatest necessity of life." The fish in the saltwater aquarium would be inclined to agree, though you have to get the salinity levels just right. Think about the saline levels in the oceans where your fish would naturally live and remember that lower salinity is less stressful. A suggestion: Hire a technician, at least initially.

$350: Setup by two technicians
$260: Spectrapure 90 Gallons Per Day RO/DI unit to create deionized water that is mixed with salt
$140: Tropic Marin Bio-Actif Sea Salt (two buckets will last a year)
$140: Additional salt for saltwater creation throughout the year

Running Tally: $3,197