The Real Cost of Preparing for a Blizzard

By Alex McIntyre - 2012-01-12T17:40:29Z

Photograph by Alex Wong/Getty Images

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Emergency Storm Kit

To be prepared for any type of storm, have extra canned goods, medication, and blankets on hand. If a blizzard hits, follow the usual fill-the-bathtub-with-water routine. Consider buying:

$136: Thermo-Lite Emergency Bivvy Sack (4 at $34 each) -- a sleeping bag that's waterproof, windproof and warm --
$166: Frost King Economy Outdoor Plastic Storm Window Kits, (20 two-window kits at $8.28 each) -- Sears
$25: Kaito Solar and Crank AM/FM Emergency Radio with LED Lantern and Flashlight --

Running Tally: $1,774