The Real Economic Impact of Golf

By Nikhil Hutheesing - 2013-07-26T21:13:08Z

Photograph by Joseph Puhy/Gallery Stock

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Golf Clubs

Americans spent $3.5 billion on golf clubs, balls and bags in 2011, according to SRI. Phil Mickelson won this year's British Open playing with Callaway golf clubs, among others, including the Callaway X Hot 3Deep Fairway Wood ($180) and Callaway Hex Chrome balls ($30 for a pack of 12). Callaway, of course, is endorsed by Mickelson. Extremely wealthy and status-conscious golfers could spring for the Five Stars, made by Honma, a Japanese club manufacturer that makes its 14-piece set of custom clubs from platinum and gold, for $32,000.

Golf Equipment: $3.5 billion