The Real Cost of Starting a Year-Round Garden

By Bloomberg Rankings and Nikhil Hutheesing - 2013-03-11T15:14:17Z

Photograph by Kevin Summers

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Hardy Herbs

Some herbs can be remarkably resilient. You can leave sage outside to face even the wrath of a Maine winter. While the sage can become weather-beaten, it survives and can be used for cooking. That won't be the case for all herbs -- rosemary and basil, for instance, are unlikely to make it through the colder months. Parsley, though, is hardy and can be used to make a “chlorophyll explosion,” as Damrosch describes it. She's talking about delicious green gazpacho, which is perhaps, best made in warmer months when other ingredients such as cucumbers, celery, cilantro and green peppers can grow.

$1.25: Flat-leaf parsley, one packet of 300 seeds
$1.25: Chervil, one packet of 350 seeds
$1.35: Sage, one packet of 50 seeds
$1.25: Thyme, one packet of 350 seeds