The Real Cost of Making Your Own Wine

By Bloomberg Rankings and Nikhil Hutheesing - 2013-02-09T19:04:50Z

Photograph by Arcangelo Piai/SOPA/Corbis

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The Grape Transformation

Rex Johnston, who happens to be a chemist, made peach wine, and he mixed peaches with yeast and other key ingredients. During the fermenting and racking process (to clarify the wine), he locked the concoction in an airtight carboy (a plastic or glass container) and let the fermentation begin. A water trap, which lets the carbon dioxide gas escape, got plugged by the peach pulp. The pressure began to build until some of the pulp blew out of the trap creating a peach explosion. It took three hours to clean it all up.

$4: Red Star Pasteur Red Wine Yeast, four packets --
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$2: Four Pure Gum Rubber Stopper and Bungs drilled with holes --
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$2,358: Running Tally