The Real Cost of Scuba Diving

By Bloomberg Rankings - 2012-07-11T17:26:19Z

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Specialized Dives

Since Robert Louis Stevenson penned "Treasure Island" in 1883, people have fantasized about discovering gold in a shipwreck. More likely, you'll discover lots of fish. The first step is to take PADI-certified Advanced Open Water Dive courses, such as those offered by Captain Mike's Diving in New York.

$425: Five advanced open water dives train you in night diving, navigation, and even underwater photography.
$350: Wreck Diver teaches you how to find your way around wrecks and offers techniques for hazardous conditions.
$450: Rescue Mission provides instruction on how to rescue yourself and others.
$350: Search & Recovery teaches search patterns and ways of lifting objects.

Running Tally: $2,741