The Real Cost of Owning Gold

By Lewis Braham - 2012-09-27T20:30:53Z

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Securing Your Gold

If you decide to store gold at home, you may want a safe. For $88, Walmart sells the SentrySafe MS0100, a 0.8 cubic foot, fire-resistant model that weighs 87 pounds and can be bolted to the floor. (That's a smart move because otherwise you may be providing thieves a handy carrying case.) On the extreme end of the spectrum, you can buy one of only 30 Dottling Narcissus safes for about $340,000. Designed by Karl Lagerfield, the Narcissus is 6 feet tall, weighs 1,760 pounds and has electronic owner-recognition technology, plus a shiny, mirror-like surface so you can admire yourself.