The Real Cost of a Divorce

By Carla Fried - 2013-11-25T13:43:42Z

Photograph by Dori OConnell/Getty Images

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Download a Divorce App

Residents of Arkansas, where 7.5 percent of the population over age 15 have been hitched three or more times (see the ranking), may want to check out the iSplit Divorce app ($4.99). It lets couples take a stab at dividing assets and liabilities, shown as icons sized according to the value of the item or account, on their iPads. (There’s no Android version.)

Or, for less than $50, there's Nolo’s three-book Divorce Bundle, which includes advice on how to avoid hiring lawyers. For $299, Legal Zoom will walk you through the process (not including the court filing fee, which can run from $150 to about $300). DIY divorce, though, is not the norm when there are frayed relations and multiple assets and liabilities to sort through.