The Real Cost of an Enviable Lawn

By Bloomberg Rankings - 2012-06-21T15:54:22Z

Photograph by Kreuels Ralf/laif/Redux

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Beneath that serene patch of green is a WWF-style battle waged between Grass and Weeds. Feed your grass the right fertilizer, and it will win. You can be eco-friendly (and odor-unfriendly) by using droppings from chickens or cows. Or, an option most people will find more appetizing, buy fertilizer with varying amounts of nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, calcium and magnesium. A tip: Adding lime to soil counters acid rain.

$88: Scott's Turf Builder Starter Brand Fertilizer, two 44-pound bags -- Lowe's
$58: Vigoro Lawn Fertilizer, two bags to cover 15,000-square feet of grass -- Kmart
$5: Pelletized Lawn Lime, 40-pound bag for 1,000-square feet section -- Home Depot

Running Tally: $434