The Real Cost of Sleepaway Camp

By Bloomberg Rankings - 2012-06-15T18:11:12Z

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Camping Uniforms and Clothes

Kids may suffer Polo Ralph Lauren and Lacoste withdrawal, but camps want them outfitted in clothing (or uniforms) with camp logos. Camps provide a list of gear that can be purchased from an authorized retailer (such as and include optional specialty items such as soccer socks or baseball pants. From Camp Laurel's required list (bought via

$36: 2 Camp Laurel sweatshirts
$29: 2 Camp Laurel sweatpants
$72: 4 T-shirts
$103: 4 hunter green shorts
$12: Drawstring pack to carry bug spray and water bottles on excursions
$8: Personalized drawstring pack with your child's name and bunk name or number

Running tally: $13,815