The Real Cost of a Baseball Pilgrimage

By Judith Sjo-Gaber - 2012-06-09T17:34:12Z

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St. Louis Hotel and Food

Stay in a hotel where you can see into the ballpark from the guest rooms.

$398: Hilton St. Louis at the Ballpark, taxes included, two nights
$36: Hotel self-parking, two nights
$52: Dinner at the Three Sixty Rooftop Bar (on Day 1 of the tour) overlooking Busch Stadium. The menu includes ale, roasted oysters and hangar steak.
$28: Dinner at The Post Sports Bar & Grill (on Day 2 of the tour). Order wings in spicy garlic sauce, a burger with bacon and cheddar toppings and two beers.

Running Tally: $834