The Real Cost of a Home Office

By Yvette Romero - 2012-02-09T15:31:59Z

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The Computer

Lisa Kanarek, author of "Organize Your Home Office for Success," recommends buying a laptop solely for work -- it's tax-deductible. Ideally, Hall says, if you work from home you should also have a non-work computer (that's the one your kids use for downloading video games). Otherwise, the IRS could question whether your office computer really qualifies as a deductible expense. If you can't afford a separate computer, allocate time spent working on the family computer and use that number to calculate your tax deduction.

$1,200: MacBook Pro 15-inch -- Apple
$100: Carrying case for laptop -- Apple
$130: Software - Word Office Suite --
$30: Backup system --

Running Tally: $2,344