The Real Cost of a Gourmet Kitchen

By Fred Jespersen - 2011-12-15T00:07:15Z

Photograph by F1online/Getty Images

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The Refrigerator, the Dishwasher

Ochs advises that you examine the refrigerator closely before making a purchase. "If the heating coils are on the back and the refrigerator is pushed up against the wall or tucked into a corner, you've got a piece of equipment that is fighting with itself," he says.

$2,999: If you get a big refrigerator, make sure its energy efficient. Samsung 25.5 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator (color: stainless steel) -- Lowes

$1,649: Bosch 24-inch Built-In Dishwasher -- Lowes

Running Tally: $23,783