The Real Cost of Humiliating Pets on Halloween

By Carla Fried - 2013-10-22T22:12:30Z

Photograph by California Costume Collections Inc./PRNewsFoto via AP Images

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Lions, T-Rex and Superman, Oh My

Given that few self-respecting cats would deign to wear a costume, it’s no surprise much of the pet costume business is for more malleable and patient dogs. The Halloween Spirits website has more than 70 pet costumes for sale -- all for canines, including the so-wrong Hello Kitty costume for puppies ($16.99). At PetSmart dog duds outnumber cat costumes by more than 10 to 1. reports the most popular costumes so far this year are the Animal Planet Lion ($13.59, shipping not included), Animal Planet Triceratops (sold out) and Rubies Superman ($14.40, out of stock). Pumpkin costumes are expected to be the most popular -- at least with the owners making the purchase. A guinea pig get-up is now less than $3 at PetSmart.