The Real Cost of Starting a Year-Round Garden

By Bloomberg Rankings and Nikhil Hutheesing - 2013-03-11T15:14:17Z

Photograph by Nadieshda

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Winter Veggies

In the summer, mosquitoes can be bothersome, and all sorts of bugs -- not to mention deer -- can make it tough for plants to survive. In the winter, those problems disappear, and most crops don’t even need to be watered. Veggies can taste better, too: Coleman points out that the cold of winter makes carrots candied as starch turns into sugar. Even so, not all vegetables can make it through the winter. “If you have to survive on what you are growing, you are going to be in trouble,” says Kathleen LaLiberte, a horticulturalist in Richmond, Vermont. “It makes me appreciate the stuff I buy in the grocery store.”

$3.45: Spinach, one packet of 1,000 seeds $3.95: Swiss chard, one packet of 200 seeds
$3.45: Scallions, one packet of 500 seeds
$3.45: Baby carrots, one packet of 750 seeds
$3.45: Beets, one packet of 385 seeds
$3.45: Parsnips, one packet of 350 seeds