The Real Cost of a Bespoke Wardrobe

- 2013-01-03T16:26:48Z

Photograph by Larry Washburn/Getty Images

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A watch collector walked into Ascot Chang tailors in New York with a strange shirt request. He wanted the left sleeve shorter than the right so his timepiece would always be visible. "We had a bit of a back-and-forth about it," says Ascot Chang's Justin Chang. "What would happen, we wondered, if he chose not to wear a watch one day?" In the end, the left sleeve was shortened so it would never cover the watch. That was a minor challenge. One man, for instance, didn't come close to having the perfect physique, yet he wanted a shirt that made him look like Superman. "More men want skin-tight shirts," says Chang. "They want it so tight that if they sit down, I worry their buttons will pop off."

$2,400: Eight custom-made shirts (the average number bought by first-time customers) at an average price of $300 per shirt using a variety of popular fabrics -- Ascot Chang

Running Tally: $12,030