The Real Cost of Losing Weight

By Nikhil Hutheesing - 2012-10-15T12:50:24Z

Photograph by Scott Camazine/Getty Images

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Diet Medications

<p>After 13 years, two new prescription medications were recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration. One is Qsymia, which contains an anti-seizure drug with an appetite suppressant to make you feel full after eating. The other is Lorcaserin, to be sold as Belviq, which fools your brain into thinking you are full. Qsymia, now available, may be a success -- an October Bloomberg News story says health insurers pay for Qsymia prescriptions 30 percent of the time. Such products, though, have a spotty history. One weight reduction drug, fenfluramine, known as fen-phen, was taken off the market in 1997 because it damaged heart valves. In 2011, sales of prescription diet pills came to $546 million, says Marketdata Enterprises.

$184: Monthly wholesale price for 15 mg/92 mg of Qsymia capsules for 30 days</p>