The Real Cost of Setting Up a Dorm Room

By Bloomberg Rankings - 2012-08-10T20:14:18Z

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Sleep-Study Central

College beds aren't exclusively beds. They're mini-living room/entertainment centers -- or, depending on your child's willingness to pick up after themselves, storage. If your child will be in a top bunk, extra shelving will be key. Being able to reach an alarm clock without bounding down and across the room could be a very good thing in the morning. Or a very bad one.

$40: Twill backrest ($20), portable lap desk ($20) --

$15: Laptop cooling pad --

$16.50: E-reader book light --

$30: Bunkpal Bed Shelf --

$80: Alarm clock radio, compatible with either iPhone or Android phone (if your child doesn't use the phone as an alarm) --

The tally: $965.50