The Real Cost of a Home Office

By Yvette Romero - 2012-02-09T15:31:59Z

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The Furniture

Hall says many people spend more than they should, assuming they will be eligible to take a 100 percent deduction on expenses such as a desk and chair. Others may forgo a traditional chair for an exercise ball -- who cares about looking dignified in the privacy of your own home? If a formal chair is a must, the clearance section of a store such as Staples often has plenty of unloved, discounted chairs.

$35: FitBall Exercise Gym Ball --
$399: The Sayl office chair -- Herman Miller
$180: Altra Astute Compact Desk, Espresso -- Staples
$90: Altra Astute File Cabinet, Espresso -- Staples
$180: Boss Black Mesh Guest Chair -- Staples

Running Tally: $884