The Real Cost of Preparing for a Blizzard

By Alex McIntyre - 2012-01-12T17:40:29Z

Photograph by Bob Shanley/Palm Beach Post/ZUMAPress

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Generator Basics

A generator won't run on its own, says Brian Brawdy, an outdoor survival expert in Chicago, so make sure you have what you need ahead of time.

$86: Powermate 25-ft. 120 Volt Outlet Generator Power Cord --
$25: Blitz USA 5-Gallon Enviro-Flo Plus Gas Can (two at $12.48 each) -- The Home Depot
$35: Ten Gallons Regular Unleaded Gasoline ($3.50 per gallon)
$14: To prevent the vapor separation tank from emptying due to evaporation, STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer, 32 oz. --

Running Tally: $1,060