The Real Cost of Owning a Show Horse

By Bloomberg Rankings - 2012-08-01T15:09:13Z

Photograph by How Hwee Young/epa/Corbis

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Medical and Dental Care

At the least, a horse needs annual or twice-yearly immunizations for diseases such as rabies and the West Nile virus, and an annual equine infectious anemia (or Coggins) test ($35). Respiratory vaccines for horses that travel to shows can run $95, three times a year. Many owners opt for a fecal exam twice a year to check for parasites. And since a horse's teeth never stop growing, they need to be trimmed at least once per year. Then there's acupuncture -- something U.S. owners are just starting to do, while the Chinese have been doing it for more than 5,000 years, according to Prices from Rhinebeck Equine:

$98: Vaccinations for rabies and West Nile, encephalitis, tetanus
$35: Annual Coggins test
$285: Respiratory vaccinations
$56: Two fecal exams
$150: Dental visit
$495: Three acupuncture sessions -- Mid Hudson Veterinary Practice, Carmel, New York

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