The Real Cost of a Home Office

By Yvette Romero - 2012-02-09T15:31:59Z

Photograph by Aleksandar Stojanov/Getty Images

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Since most correspondence is done by e-mail, stationery is a little passé. Still, depending on your business, it can be a good way to present a polished image. Business cards, for now, are still a must.

$387: 300 pens with company imprint --
$8: Book of 20 postage stamps -- U.S. Postal Service
$30: Pop-up leather card case -- Red Envelope
$40: Mac Logo Design Studio -- Staples
$78: 500 sheets of letterhead printed -- Staples
$34: 500 business envelopes printed -- Staples
$29: 250 business cards -- Staples

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