The Real Cost of Owning Gold

By Lewis Braham - 2013-04-17T21:48:26Z

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Alternatives to Gold

There are cheaper alternatives to physical gold. An exchange-traded fund such as iShares Gold Trust holds bullion in foreign vaults for investors at a cost of 0.25 percent of assets a year. For those worried about government confiscation, owning gold in vaults outside the U.S. makes more sense, says Ash at Bullion Vault. The company has an electronic brokerage that allows investors to trade close to the spot price, keeping their gold in segregated accounts. It insures and stores gold in vaults of your choice in Zurich, London or New York for $4 a month.Costs vary and not all those listed apply to everyone. Bloomberg does not endorse any of the products or services mentioned.To contact the editor responsible for this slideshow: Suzanne Woolley at