The Real Cost of Being a Football Fan

By Alex McIntyre - 2011-09-26T19:38:09Z

Photograph by Jonathan Fickies/Bloomberg News

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House Parties

The more casual fan may throw house parties, also for 15 people for four games. Costs come to $329 per game.

$21: Cluck-U 16-pc. Fried Chicken

$40: Hills Own Footlong Subs, various types

$56: Dorothy Lane Killer Brownies (15)

$36: 24 pack of Bud Light, 24 pack of Budweiser

Other items: Dill spears, potato and tortilla chips, salsa, cole slaw, potato, macaroni and chicken salads, carrot and celery sticks, ranch dressing, soda, juice, apples. One-time costs: Dixie paper plates, plastic cutlery and cups.