The Real Cost of a Saltwater Aquarium

By Bloomberg Rankings - 2012-08-22T16:10:13Z

Photograph by David Doubilet

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You don't give fish supplements so they get big and strong. Instead, fish need them just to survive. Just about every element known on earth is found in natural seawater, and living creatures depend on them. Problem is, the amount of these elements in your aquarium is finite, such as iodine, which allows corals to open fully, so you need to add supplements every three months or so.

Initial setup:
$20: Brightwell Aquatics Lugol's Solution (iodine to detoxify excess oxygen)
$20: Brightwell Aquatics Liquid Reef (to promote growth of corals)
$20: Two Little Fishies Marine Snow (filterfeeder food for certain corals and invertebrates)
$50: Red Sea Reef Energy A & B (amino acids and carbohydrates)
$170: Zeovit Pohl's Xtra (to enhance the contrast and intensity of coral color and increase growth)
$780: After initial setup, additional cost for one year

Running Tally: $10,779

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