The Real Cost of Scuba Diving

By Bloomberg Rankings - 2012-07-11T17:26:19Z

Photograph by Martin Almqvist/Johner Images/Corbis

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Accidents May Happen

Diving can be risky. You could get a scrape, hurt your inner ear or much worse. According to PADI, the cost of a dive accident can exceed $100,000. While your medical insurance policy may provide some coverage, it may be wise to take out secondary insurance through Divers Alert Network (DAN), a scuba diving safety organization, which offers three dive accident insurance plans that cover you locally or internationally.

$35: DAN membership dues, individual (family membership is $50) --
$75: Annual fee for $250,000 per incident coverage for injuries, $15,000 accidental death benefit and more, including coverage for dive trip cancellation or interruption