The Real Cost of Preparing for a Blizzard

By Alex McIntyre - 2012-01-12T17:40:29Z

Photograph by Linda Davidson/The Washington Post via Getty Images

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Get Around On Foot

"Why does everyone try to be a superhero in a storm?" asks Brawdy. "Best to stay indoors." If you have to go out and can avoid using a car, snowshoes may be useful. And once things die down, they'll also be fun.

$200: Adult-sized Atlas Snowfall Snowshoes (two pairs at $99.95 each) -- REI
$120: Kid-sized Atlas Sprout Snowshoes (two pairs at $59.95 each) -- REI
$48: To see and be seen -- Mini Maglite LED 2-AA Flashlight (two at $24 each) -- Walmart

Running Tally: $3,017