The Real Cost of a Bespoke Wardrobe

- 2013-01-03T16:26:48Z

Photograph by Richard James Taylor/Getty Images

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An architect recently asked Saint Laurie's Kozinn to create a suit jacket for him with a big iPad pocket sewn into the lining. Bewildered at first, Kozinn realized that the concept wasn't too far off from jackets decades ago that had special pockets sewn in for cigarette packages. Of course, the iPad is bigger and heavier. "It can wrinkle the jacket a bit," says Kozinn, "but we accommodate it." A bespoke suit lets a man express himself, and the process of designing it makes him more thoughtful about his clothing, Kozinn says. "He wouldn't ever think of putting on a tight-fitting suit with goofy square-toed Zappos shoes."

Two-piece suit ($1,895), three-piece suit ($2,545), two blazers ($1,495 each), four pairs of trousers (about $550 each) -- Saint Laurie Merchant Tailors

Running Tally: $9,630