The Real Cost of Sleepaway Camp

By Bloomberg Rankings - 2012-06-15T18:11:12Z

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From Archery to Zumba

Summer camp used to center around things like arts and crafts, swimming and archery. If bows and arrows bore your camper, some camps offer other choices that may cost extra such as combat training, code breaking and fossil digs for the budding paleontologist. Extra programs, along with incidentals such as doing laundry, add to the cost. Below are fees at Camp Laurel, a sleepaway camp in Readfield, Maine.

$10,800: Fee for seven weeks at Camp Laurel
$150: Laundry service, including laundry bag
$450: Personal expenses for day trips
$800: Optional extended-trips
$975: Equestrian instruction which includes jumping, horse shows and stable management.

Running tally: $13,175