The Real Cost of a Baseball Pilgrimage

By Judith Sjo-Gaber - 2012-06-09T17:34:12Z

Photograph by Ron Koeberer/Getty Images

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The Tour

While there are several tour operators that can tailor a baseball pilgrimage for you, most people simply drive themselves. Here, we look at the costs of taking a baseball tour in the Midwest. In order to attend games on consecutive days, some creative scheduling is necessary. Note that this trip starts in St. Louis and ends in Chicago. Costs back to St. Louis are not included, nor is the cost of car rental. Also, don't have your cholesterol checked during this trip, as the result might ruin your fun.

$161: Gas expense to travel 1,000 miles (gas is priced at $3.72 per gallon, at 23.1 miles per gallon)

Running Tally: $161