The Real Cost of Keeping New Year's Resolutions

By Yvette Romero and MaryAnn Busso - 2011-12-22T19:20:53Z

Photograph by Peter Hebeisen

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I Will Get Fit

Getting fit is the top New Year's resolution for 2012, according to the FC Organizational Products survey. "It can be as inexpensive as going for a walk," says DeVoll. Then again, it can cost a bundle.

$7,000: Personal trainer, 100 sessions over the course of a year --
$90: Three pairs of men's Escape mesh shorts -- Under Armour
$75: Three UA Charged cotton T-shirts -- Under Armour
$130: New Balance men's sneakers -- J Crew
$20: Paul Katami's Kettelbell Drills DVD --
$100: Two 15-pound kettelbells --
$564: Whey Protein, $46.99 per 5 lb. container, 12 containers --

Tally: $7,979