The Real Cost of Haunting Your House

By Yvette Romero - 2011-10-26T14:02:16Z

Photograph by Tom Williams/Roll Call/Getty Images

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The cemetery is the house of the dead, so it needs to be grand, but crumbling.

$150: Cemetery Archway Entrance that says, "Welcome to the graveyard, we hope you never leave!"
$240: Cemetery Fence, 12 panels. Ghoulish gates to keep zombies, ghosts and goblins locked in
$25: Earth Worms (five packs) -- they're fake but slithery and make visitors say "ugh!"
$50: Spooky Moss Garlands (two bags) -- drape them over windows and doors for that creepy feel
$150: Crawling Zombie Animated Prop -- it moves!

Running tally: $615