Bloomberg technology helps drive the world’s financial markets. We provide communications platforms, data, analytics, trading platforms, news and information for the world’s leading financial market participants.

We deliver through our unrivaled software, digital platforms, mobile applications and state of the art hardware developed by Bloomberg technologists for Bloomberg customers.

We offer critical enterprise computing solutions for the financial services industry to help organizations deliver, decipher and manage data to meet their organizational needs and growing regulatory requirements.

We have provided communications platforms and true electronic social networking and workflow connectivity in the financial world for over two decades. As well, we are known for providing unique biometric security to our customers for over a decade enabling them to access their service securely from a desktop computer, mobile phone or tablet.

Our over 3,000 technologists work to define, architect, build and deploy complete systems and solutions that anticipate and fulfill our clients’ needs and market demands. These technologists also help to manage one of the largest server-side footprints of JavaScript in the world, managing nearly 19 million lines of code.

At Bloomberg, we not only break news and cover the topics that matter most to the tech industry, we also aggregate, store, and classify more than one million news stories from over 100,000 sources daily and bring together 350+ exchanges, 4,000+ Foreign Exchange feeds and 80,000+ newswires from across the world.


Bloomberg Labs
The Bloomberg technologists contributing content to Bloomberg Labs drive the cutting edge of research and innovation in quantitative finance, open technologies and machine learning to advance the tools and services Bloomberg provides to financial professionals.
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Technology Job Listings
We are adding technology and design professionals to our team at Bloomberg, which is over 3,000 strong. Our group is engaged in the tech and open source communities, including being active contributors to GitHub, OpenStack, Solr and Hadoop. We are also a Sustaining Partner of NY Tech Meetup, a non-profit organization with 34,000+ members supporting the New York technology community. Come and see us.
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Bloomberg R&D
Bloomberg’s R&D department is a global team of more than 3,000 software engineers and infrastructure architects responsible for creating the world’s premiere source for real-time and historical financial market data and analytic.
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Financial Products UX
UX Design at Bloomberg is an ongoing re-imagining of 30 years of software evolution, constantly striving to understand our customers’ needs and improve their experience. It’s a gradual revolution.
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Bloomberg on GitHub
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