Long before “Big Data” and “analytics”… before the Internet changed the way markets interacted… before computers were a critical tool for businesses… Bloomberg pioneered the practice of designing, building and applying information technology to deliver critical, actionable financial insights, data, news and information to its customers.

Today, Bloomberg’s unrivaled technology – our software, hardware and network – continues to help drive the world’s financial markets. Over 4,000 technologists define, architect, build and deploy complete systems to fulfill the needs of leading financial market participants globally. This includes communications platforms, secure biometric access capabilities, real-time data, analytics, trading solutions, news and other critical information.

We operate one of the largest private cloud networks in the world that powers and connects our more than 325,000 subscribers in over 180 countries. More than 60 billion market ticks pass through the Bloomberg Professional service each day. And, we deploy one of the largest server-side footprints of JavaScript in the world, with over 19 million lines of code.

As a longtime proponent of open source technologies, our developers are also significant contributors to the community including Solr, Hadoop and OpenStack, and we are engaged collaborators with GitHub.

In 1982, with just two developers in a one-room office, Michael R. Bloomberg and our founders built the Bloomberg – the software, hardware and network – from scratch. Three decades later, we continue the efforts of our founders to bring transparency to the global financial markets and push technological boundaries to deliver unique, valuable solutions to our customers.


Bloomberg Labs
The Bloomberg technologists contributing content to Bloomberg Labs drive the cutting edge of research and innovation in quantitative finance, open technologies and machine learning to advance the tools and services Bloomberg provides to financial professionals.
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Technology Jobs
We are adding technology and design professionals to our team at Bloomberg, which is over 3,000 strong. Our group is engaged in the tech and open source communities, including being active contributors to GitHub, OpenStack, Solr and Hadoop. We are also a Sustaining Partner of NY Tech Meetup, a non-profit organization with 34,000+ members supporting the New York technology community. Come and see us.
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Bloomberg R&D
Bloomberg’s R&D department is a global team of more than 3,000 software engineers and infrastructure architects responsible for creating the world’s premiere source for real-time and historical financial market data and analytic.
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Financial Products UX
UX Design at Bloomberg is an ongoing re-imagining of 30 years of software evolution, constantly striving to understand our customers’ needs and improve their experience. It’s a gradual revolution.
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Bloomberg on GitHub
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