New York — Bloomberg is proud to sponsor What is Missing?, a memorial to our living planet by the acclaimed artist Maya Lin. Launching on April 22, Earth Day 2012, What is Missing? consists of media and sound works installed at permanent and temporary sites throughout the world. These installations will feature one to two minute videos focusing on species and habitat loss around the world. The videos were produced by the What is Missing? Foundation with content and guidance from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, National Geographic and World Wildlife Fund.

The project will form a core part of Bloomberg’s global Earth Day 2012 celebrations, highlighting the world’s oceans and waterways, and raising awareness about their fragility and exposure to the effects of climate change. With the help of the Nature Conservancy, World Wildlife Fund, and the Plastic Pollution Coalition, Bloomberg is utilizing a broad suite of engagement tactics including Lunch & Learns, artwork, speaking engagements and contests, providing employees with tools and tips for minimizing their personal impact on waterways. The Nature Conservancy’s President Mark Tercek, will be speaking at Bloomberg’s headquarters in NYC, with accompanying talks by his colleagues in the Washington DC and San Francisco offices. World Wildlife Fund will be speaking at the Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore offices on similar topics. In addition, Bloomberg will sponsor 61 environmental volunteer projects globally.

Each Earth Day, Bloomberg presents artwork to highlight global environmental issues. In addition to Maya Lin’s art installations, Bloomberg will be showcasing Manuel Mansylla’s Ghost Networks in New York, Mariko Mori’s Journey to Seven Light Bay in Tokyo and Josh Knowles in London.

Bloomberg’s Earth Day celebrations fall under the company’s wider sustainability program of managing business better by integrating environmental, social and economic considerations into operations, products and services. Bloomberg’s sustainability combines corporate citizenship, risk management and strategic opportunity – driving operating costs down, revenues up, and influencing wider adoption of sustainable practices across the business community.

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About What Is Missing?

The mission of the What is Missing? Foundation is to create, through science-based artworks, an awareness about the current crisis surrounding the mass extinction of species that is currently underway. The project will connect this loss of species to its primary causes — habitat degradation and loss — by creating innovative artworks that utilize sound, media, and science to connect people to both the species and places that have disappeared or will most likely disappear if we do not act to protect them.

What is Missing? is both a wake-up call and a call to action. First making us aware of this crisis, the project will then highlight what environmental organizations, institutions, and scientists around the world are doing to find solutions to the extinction crisis and the overarching threat of climate change. The project will also show what individuals can do in their everyday lives to help protect species and the habitats that species depend upon for survival.

Designed as Maya Lin’s last memorial, the project proposes that we look at a memorial not as a singular static object, but as a work that can exist in multiple forms and in multiple sites simultaneously. The Memorial will consist of media and sound works that are, and will be, installed at permanent and temporary sites throughout the world. These installations will feature one-to-two minutes films produced by the Foundation, which focus on species and habitat loss around the world. Over 75 films have been created to date, with plans to develop a library of 150 videos for use in schools and institutions for educational purposes. The installation formats include: permanent Listening Cones placed at select science institutions, an Empty Room exhibit that can travel, smaller site specific sound and media installations, to art, science and public venues, independent video works that can be shown at events, a physical and digital book, and a website that acts as a nexus for the project in its entirety and enables people to navigate through time, revealing an ecological history of the world by virtue of maps of the past (Map of Memory), present (Conservation in Action), and future (Greenprint).

What is Missing? is a collaborative multidisciplinary endeavor with assistance from scientific institutions (such as the California Academy of Sciences, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the Wildlife Conservation Society), environmental organizations (IUCN, NRDC, World Wildlife Fund, Panthera, and Oceana, among others), artists, photographers, filmmakers, writers and concerned citizens. Audio and video content for What is Missing? has been generously donated by Cornell Lab of Ornithology, the National Geographic Society, ARKive, and BBC Earth, as well as other groups. For a comprehensive list of contributors, please go to “Foundation and Contributors.”

About Conservation in Action Launch

Conservation in Action, a map of the present, will launch on Earth Day 2012 and highlight the work of collaborating institutions and select environmental organizations, chart a history of the environmental movement, and inform individuals as to what they can do in their own lives to help protect species and habitat.

By inviting smaller environmental organizations and partnering institutions around the world to feature their own stories of conservation, the map of the present will connect and emphasize important conservation efforts throughout history. Over time these dots will be updated by the organizations as their core efforts shift and develop. Certain dots will twinkle in order to alert people of environmental issues that are in need of immediate help.

The timeline featured on this map will showcase our collective environmental history, highlighting both the biggest environmental successes and disasters around the world. Only from recognizing our past achievements and mistakes, can we move forward to prevent future disasters and protect the biodiversity of the planet for generations to come.

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