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The image above is taken from a slideshow highlighting the best photos from last week. This is my personal favorite – the elderly man walking past the line of riot police during protests marking the visit of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who was visiting Greece for the first time since the debt crisis erupted three years ago.

I particularly like this photo because of the back story.

Athens photographer Kostas Tsironis managed to secure a front page winning image showing an elderly man, using a crutch and gripping a banner, who silenced over 10,000 rock throwing, screaming protesters as he slowly hobbled between them and a line of fully armed riot police. Tsironis spotted the moment from behind a barrier and clawed his way through the crowd to capture the stunning shot. The rock throwing and shouting resumed as soon as the man finished his walk of protest.

You can see the full 14-image slideshow here. Look out for more to come.

Natasha Cholerton-Brown, Global News Photo Editor, Bloomberg