Six companies; six weeks of intense competition; millions of dollars at stake. Airing tonight on Bloomberg Television (9pm ET/PT) is the premiere episode of “TechStars,” which invites viewers inside one of the world’s most elite tech incubators.  Each week (same time same place), the 30-minute program documents the high stakes pressure, growing pains, and financial rewards of participating in the boot camp for startups.




Bloomberg TV’s mentors rank the participants, offer praise and no-holds-barred criticism on the founders’ ideas, products, and execution.
Mentors include:
-   TechStars founder David Cohen
-   TechStars New York managing director David Tisch
-   Twitter CEO Dick Costolo
-   AOL CEO Tim Armstrong
-   Foursquare co-founder Dennis Crowley
Companies include:
-   Immersive Labs
-   Onswipe
-   To Vie For
-   Shelby (formerly HomeField)
-   Veri (formerly SocratED)
-   Nestio (formerly UrbanApt).
It’s sure to promise drama that captures the long hours, tension-filled meetings, creative energy, and the breakthrough moments that characterize starting a company in an accelerated program.
The live hour-long finale is on October 18th.
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