We provide communications platforms, data, analytics, trading platforms, news and information to the world’s leading financial market participants. Our unrivaled software, platforms, and mobile applications are delivered on top of our state-of-the-art software and hardware developed by Bloomberg technologists for Bloomberg customers.

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Our People

Our teams of tech experts solve unique, complex problems on a daily basis and we need dynamic engineers who can thrive in a fast-paced, creative environment. We strive to hire developers with diverse backgrounds in fields such as computer science, engineering, physics, and mathematics, so we can rapidly deploy software solutions designed and built by a mix of experiences. While an interest in or knowledge of finance can help, it is certainly not required.

Transparency, project ownership and an open structure without titles are just some of the reasons why we are unique as a technology company in the financial space. You will collaborate with smart, passionate people who are unafraid to experiment and deviate from the status quo, and who will push and challenge you. The atmosphere can be intense, but is always friendly and often fun. We are always learning.

At Bloomberg, we believe a diverse workforce and open culture are essential to innovation. Learn more about diversity & inclusion.

Who We Look For

We solve unique, complex problems daily and need dynamic-minded programmers who can thrive in a fast-paced, creative environment. While interest in or knowledge of finance can help, it is certainly not required.

We are looking for dynamic, seasoned professionals who can bring their in-depth knowledge and unique experience to Bloomberg to have an impact and make a difference. Our current team of technologists comprises industry experts from all backgrounds, including start-ups, technology giants and financial services leaders. They have experience working with all major business and consumer operating systems and application development platforms.

We strive to create a sense of community and collaboration among our technologists and with the broader technology community. This is evident through our work with universities, technology partners and the open source community.

Career Path

Our team thrives on challenges, and is encouraged to grow in their roles and explores areas of interest. We strive to be the most customer-focused, the fastest to market, and the most agile to adapt in an evolutionary, dynamic marketplace. We look to boldly change the way our customers see the world through the Bloomberg Professional service.

There are many ways to contribute as a software engineer. Some examples include:

  • Working on pricing algorithms and risk calculations
  • Developing trading applications
  • Expanding and enhancing communication platforms
  • Developing consumer mobile applications, and client-facing web applications
  • Leveraging machine learning, natural language processing, and distributed systems

We have many different resources to help you drive your career, including:

  • Quarterly events help you learn about other areas within Bloomberg
  • Tech talks expose you to industry trends
  • Instructor and self-paced technical and financial courses through Bloomberg University to keep your skills current

How we work

Engineers are given the responsibility to define, architect, build, and deploy complete systems that anticipate and fulfill our clients’ needs. Our agile development cycle allows us to roll out new software every day.

We are designing high-impact solutions to help our customers optimize complex workflows, efficiently manipulate large datasets, and make quick, intuitive decisions. You are given the opportunity to be creative and the impact of your contribution is highly visible throughout the company and to clients.

Our Products

Bloomberg technology helps drive some of the world’s most important financial decisions. Our engineers are at the front line of this fully integrated, proprietary ecosystem, constantly studying and finding ways to improve and extend functionality as new and better ideas surface. Our diverse products, such as the Bloomberg Professional, Enterprise Solutions, Industry Verticals and our Consumer Products allow for many opportunities and surface many technical challenges.

Our teams focus on a wide range of products, from web and application level to infrastructure and the creation of internal development tools. We are charged with solving real-world computing problems, in real-time, so that our clients can thrive and succeed in the global financial markets.



We produce the most financial news and data, bringing together 350+ exchanges, 4,000+ FIX feeds, and 80,000+ news wires from across the world, consuming over 45 billion ticks a day, which our customers use to power their businesses.

We provided true electronic social connectivity in the financial world long before the Internet.

We have one of the largest private networks in the world, connecting our subscribers in 180+ countries.

We introduced SaaS in the 1980s and were among the first secure e-mail providers.

Today our subscribers exchange over 200 million messages and have 15-20 million chats over our network on a daily basis.

We have one of the largest footprints of server-side JavaScript in the world at last count more than 19 million lines of code.

We introduced biometric authentication for our subscriber login process over a decade ago.


We are not dogmatic about technology; we believe in using the right tool for the job. At Bloomberg, we use and contribute to open source projects when they are appropriate for our development, and when it benefits our products, services and customers.

We are not afraid to make large investments to build our own tools when it will make us better able to outpace the competition. Our engineers are platform and technology agnostic when it comes to delivering an excellent experience for our customers, regardless of their devices , operating system or computing environment.

Bloomberg has always been at the forefront of cutting edge technology. Our teams of engineers continue to lead and drive innovation, as we have done for years

  • We pioneered JavaScript as a back end technology to support extremely rapid UI iteration for our 10,000+ client-facing applications.
  • We were ahead in the use of GPU’s for the massively parallel computation of mortgage pricings. And we designed one of the first frameworks for a low-latency, high-throughput, fault-tolerant service-oriented architecture.
  • We are a main sponsor of SQLite, and we’ve open-sourced our own augmented C++ STL, and “BDE” to support the privately available and soon to be open-sourced API to our market data.
  • We developed and deployed an ultra-low-latency shared memory inter-process communication framework before Linux was even a glimmer in Linus’ eyes.


Startup Bus UK
Bloomberg served as the platinum sponsor for StartupBus Europe, an annual competition where Europe’s top tech talent compete against each other to pitch, build and launch a new technology business on the road to the Pioneers Festival in Vienna.

HackTrain, Europe’s first train travel-focused hackathon, kicked off on March 27th for a unique and inspiring three-day hacking journey powered by Bloomberg.

MLH Launch Hack
Bloomberg hosted MLH Launch Hack in our London office to kick off the first ever student hackathon season in the UK.

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