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Welcome to Bloomberg’s Talent Portal. By sharing your experience and interests, you will be considered for potential opportunities within Bloomberg, sometimes before they are advertised. Simply select the area of Bloomberg that most closely aligns with your experience and
interests and tell us about yourself. Naturally, all information you share is strictly confidential.

Senior Executives Are you a senior executive, CxO, Officer who has a rare combination of vision, creativity, and the desire to "get it done"? Do you have an exceptional track record of delivering smart, consultative solutions for your clients? If so, please tell us about yourself.

R+D Research & Development (R&D) is the software and product development business of Bloomberg. R&D is where Bloomberg's technologists come together to create our comprehensive product line, including the Bloomberg Professional service.

Roles in R&D include software and hardware engineers, user interface experts, system and database administrators, networking specialists, mobile and web application developers, and high-level system architects. If developing in a highly collaborative and open development environment appeals to you, then tell us about yourself.

Financial Products Bloomberg product areas include the terminal (Bloomberg Professional service), Trading Solutions, ALPHA Tradebook, Enterprise Solutions.

If you have a background in a financial asset class or sector as a trader, portfolio manager, financial product manager, salesperson, Bloomberg expert user, broker, quantitative analyst, research analyst or investment manager, then tell us about yourself.

Data Products Products areas include Bloomberg Market Data, Bloomberg New Energy Finance, Bloomberg Valuation (BVAL).

Throughout Data Products, we apply the intellectual capital that makes Bloomberg data the most sought-after market data source in the world. Our Analysts produce and populate the numbers, figures, algorithms, research notes and analysis displayed on all Bloomberg products, and harness their entrepreneurial spirit to deliver something tangible to 300,000+ subscribers.

Teams are immersed in all aspects of complex financial markets, including Equities, Fixed Income, Derivatives and Clean Energy. If you have a professional background in financial research, analysis, pricing or sales, then tell us about yourself.

News and Media News and Media work together to publish high-impact stories across Bloomberg media venues, from the Bloomberg Professional® service and to Bloomberg Businessweek, Bloomberg Television®, Bloomberg Mobile and more.

If you have experience within News or Multimedia as a reporter, editor, anchor, on-air talent, producer, managing editor, executive editor, journalist, production assistant, or positions within Web/Mobile, then tell us about yourself.

Bloomberg Government Bloomberg has created a new Web-based information product that will report on, analyze and quantify the effect of government actions on business and industry. BGOV brings the same unparalleled level of fact-based, objective reporting and analysis to policymaking as it has provided to the financial community for nearly 30 years.

If you have a background as an analyst, researcher, economist, salesperson, relationship manager, product manager, research analyst, or experience with other areas within government, then tell us about yourself.

Bloomberg Law Bloomberg Law is the first real-time legal research solution that integrates innovative search technology, comprehensive legal content, company and client information, and proprietary news in one intuitive interface. It’s Bloomberg’s entry into the multi-billion-dollar legal information industry and the first Web-based platform of its kind from the world leader in data and information services.

If you have a background as an attorney, salesperson, web-based product manager, legal analyst or legal editor, then tell us about yourself.

Operations Operations oversees the technological infrastructure of Bloomberg—everything sustaining the core strength and efficiency of our products. We deliver all Bloomberg platforms, which are all on the cutting edge. Our teams include Global Customer Support, Installations, Global Technical Support, Networks, Information Systems Security, Information Systems, Field Services and Customer Account Management Systems. If your background fits one of these areas, then tell us about yourself.

Centralized Functions Our market-leading news, data, analytics and operations businesses are backed by best-in-industry professional services. Welcome to the business of leading Bloomberg—everything it takes to run a 13,000-person organization with 135+ offices.

If you have a background in Professional Development (HR), Finance, Administration, Contracts, Purchasing, Marketing, Security, Facilities, then tell us about yourself.

OTHER If you don’t see an area the fits your experience, then tell us about yourself.

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