New York
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New York Office Tour

Bloomberg’s headquarters are located at 731 Lexington Avenue, in the heart of New York City. The Bloomberg Tower, known as "731" is home to more than 5,500 employees from all of the company’s businesses.

Our flagship office, like all Bloomberg offices around the world, sets the standard for Bloomberg’s unique and vibrant workspaces, with an emphasis on openness and transparency. At 731, bold colors and dramatic architectural flourishes reflect the energy and dynamic spirit that make our Company a world leader.

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London Office Tour

Bloomberg’s London Office, also known as "City Gate House", is located in Finsbury Square in the heart of central London. Roughly 2,500 employees across a variety of businesses call this office home. Major teams include R&D, Sales, Bloomberg News and Global Data.

Like Bloomberg offices everywhere, City Gate House features unique and bright architectural design. Escalators and stairs, pantries and meeting areas are strategically placed throughout the building to foster connectivity, encourage chance meetings and create spontaneous interactions.

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Hong Kong
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Hong Kong Office Tour

Bloomberg’s Hong Kong Office is located in Cheung Kong Center in Central, the heart of Hong Kong island’s financial hub. The spectacular Hong Kong skyline and the world-famous Victoria Harbour is the backdrop of this iconic building. Over 450 employees across a variety of business units work here, serving both the Hong Kong and the Mainland China markets. As always, transparency remains a design guideline at Bloomberg, both in architectural design and as a core principle. Glass-walled conference rooms offer clear views, both inside and out, encouraging learning, inclusiveness and interaction everywhere. The Hong Kong office is always buzzing with enthusiasm and creative energy.

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Tokyo Office Tour

Bloomberg’s Tokyo office resides in the Marunouchi Building, also known locally as "Maru-Biru", a landmark tower located in the heart of Tokyo’s financial district. As Bloomberg’s third largest office, approximately 600 employees across a wide variety of businesses and departments contribute to establishing Bloomberg’s open, transparent culture in Japan. We proudly serve Japanese clients with major teams comprised of Bloomberg News, Sales, R&D and Global Data.

Based on the standards set by Bloomberg’s NY headquarters, the Tokyo office reflects bold and vibrant workspaces incorporating the dynamic spirit, local insights and unbeatable local expertise that makes Bloomberg a dynamic, world-wide company.

Watch the video to the left for a complete tour of the Tokyo office.